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ETN3 the new DnB station! now has Drum and Bass of the liquid type as of today. Great to have some time off to work on personal projects like this. I've had a dream of running a Drum and Bass station ever since I started DJing the genre about 5 years ago.

The playlist is a little light right now, but I'll be adding many more DJs in the coming weeks. If any of you have a Drum and Bass DJ you would like to have as a regular reply here :)

We have some massive changes coming to over the next year including other genres soon with the best Live sets and DJ Shows with 320kbit MP3 as our new standard for high quality. We plan to roll out 320 on EDM (Ch1) and House (Ch2) soon and are moving to Icecast with MP3, OGG, and hopefully FLAC in 2017!!

written by levi