Chat Room

If you're already familiar with IRC, simply connect to the server and join the chatroom #ETN.

ALTERNATELY, if you don't know anything about IRC, you can still join us and chat through your web browser. Click HERE to launch a new window and enter the chat room via your web browser

Please take a moment to look over our channel rules, they're pretty basic and are in place to help ensure a good time is had by all.

1) In order to clear up confusion, Rule #1 has to be to respect the authority of channel operators and abide by any and all requests, even if you disagree with them. Just like how on an airplane the flight attendants are in charge for a reason, same for our room and you must respect that
2) No discussion relating to illegal music / file trading, period. This includes "currently playing" scripts especially when you're playing illegally downloaded songs/sets

3) No spam. This includes but is NOT limited to: repeating text, advertising other stations or shows. We don't do this to anybody and we expect the same in return. ALSO our interpretation of "spam" includes "currently playing" scripts which spam what you're listening to out to the room. If you're listening to ETN, we already know what's on. If you're not, then we don't care. period. just don't do it
4) Be polite. We encourage discussion & debate but I should think this goes without saying people, keep it professional and polite, there's no reason for personal insults, attacks, or rudeness

5) The primary language of our chat room is ENGLISH. We have no problem with people speaking in other languages, especially if you would like help with translation or interpretation, but if you're going to CONVERSE (especially if it's just with 1 other person) in another language, please use private messaging or a more suitable chat room.