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Sure, we might LOOK like a professional station, but that's where the professionalism ends I assure you :) ETN is a (canadian registered) non profit organization, wholly supported by sponsorships (web hosting & streams) and donations from our community (equipment & expenses). Since we're candaian unfortunately your donations are not tax deductable for USA (or any other country really).

Donating to ETN is a fun and fabulous way to put deposits in your Karma Bank(tm), make friends among the staff, get prioritized requests, special donater downloads or other benefits.

Seriously though, all donations are much appreciated and basically the reason why we're able to keep delivering the content we do. Show your support today! We accept donations via Paypal and can even accept credit cards. Paypal funds preferred of course (less fee for us) The ETN crew bows and thanks you once again for your support.