Sponsored by CH2 Down for Now

Hello everyone!

I am sure some of you are aware of the recent issues with ETN2 over the past 3 months of it being unreliable and constantly unavailable. The reason for this is that we are using beta software that was put out by Nullsoft in 2009. Since we have moved the station to a new server we are using newer streaming tools which are causing these older proprietary binaries to crash quite often. The solution?

We will be shutting down the ETN2 station as of 04/20/2016 and will be rebuilding it over the week to use open source software instead of old proprietary software created by Nullsoft (which is no longer supported). This also means that AAC+ will be going away and just like our new Drum and Bass channel we will only be supporting MP3 320Kbit, MP3 128kbit, and MP3 64kbit.

We will announce back here when the station is read for prime time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

written by levi